Escape your echo chamber!

Using artificial intelligence to connect Us and Them

The Edgewize project is developing a system to connect people across social media echo chambers. We use network analytics, natural language processing, and machine learning to analyze social media activity and find opportunities for good conversation. Our goal is to broaden, strengthen, and diversify public discourse.

User Flow

1. Users from different echo chambers read a news article, and some discuss it through social media.


2. Edgewize analyzes social media conversations related to the article and finds conversations that cross echo chambers.

3. Next to the article, an algorithm selects and presents conversations where positive connections are happening.

Key Elements

Bridging Concept

A “bridging” relationship is when two people with different backgrounds have a positive interaction. We seek to increase online bridging.

Target Audience

Edgewize starts from the premise that there are lots of people who have the ability and desire to converse with people outside their echo chambers.

User Interface

The Edgewize interface is a comments sidebar, which acts as a window into bridging conversations that are happening on social media.

Echo Chambers

Underlying the project is a system for identifying, mapping, and tracking the dynamics of echo chambers and how they are connected to each other.

Gathering Data

We will index all major news articles and develop a system to track the tweets and conversations related to each article.

Mapping Bridges

After identifying echo chambers, we will find news-related conversations that occur between them, and classify each one as positive or negative.

Positive Bridges

At the core of the project is the notion of a “positive bridge” and how it can be leveraged to promote a healthy public discourse.

Predicting Positive Bridges

The ultimate goal of the project is to use data on articles, conversations, and users to predict opportunities for positive bridging.

Measuring Success

We will measure our success based on the number of positive bridges that happen through the Edgewize sidebar.